2001 and 2009 Dbacks

There are numerous similarities between the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks and the 2009 Arizona Diamondbacks.

To begin, both teams started off 5-8. Each got off to a very slow start thanks to inconsistent bullpens and at times in 2001 poor hitting. In 2009, our hitting has started off very poor, but you also must remember how young our current team is.

Secondly, both teams have two of the best starting pitchers and quality 3,4,and 5 starters.Both teams also have great closers coming out of the pen.

Schilling and Johnson (2001) and Webb and Haren (2009)

Batista (11-8) Brian Anderson (4-9) and Robert Ellis (6-5) (2001) and Davis, Garland, and Scherzer (2009). 

Byung Hyun Kim (2.94 ERA 19 Saves) (2001) and Chad Qualls (2009)


These similarities leads me to believe that the Arizona Diamondbacks are going back to the World Series to take the crown once again.